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What is an Architecture/Design Library?


Architecture and Interior Design firms have hundreds or thousands of manufacturer’s product information binders and samples, reference books, and building codes and standards. Although the Internet has become a fast way to access some materials, the presence of on-site libraries remain necessary and valuable resources in today’s firms.


Why Organize Your Library?


An organized architecture/design library should be efficient to use so you know what resources you have and exactly where they are. This saves your business hundreds of valuable billable hours per year and is a financial asset to your office.



How Should a Library be Organized?


Library materials should be sorted and filed according to CSI MasterFormat or your firm’s unique contract document coding system. Materials are recorded in a database so architects and designers can access them to locate materials before they walk into the library. Materials should be maintained and updated so current products are specified, saving time and trouble with change orders during construction. Building codes and standards change often and the library should contain current materials.


Who Should Organize Your Library?


Choosing an experienced architecture/design librarian means that you spend zero hours training  someone what and where and how to organize your library. Lentz librarians already know the CSI MasterFormat Spec System, and we whip your library into efficient shape fast.



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